Our Gatherings

What to expect

We care about you as a person more than we care about what you are wearing or how many tattoos you have. We are a church of imperfect, broken people who  experience the grace of God and serve others in Jesus name. Regardless of your story, we believe you belong. 

We understand that church may be intimidating, so we put together some things for you to expect:

  • Nice People- We love it when someone visits Sulphur Church for the first time. We may not always notice a first time visitor so please come up to our Connection Table in the Foyer and say "hello". 
  • A casual atmosphere- We care about you and not what you wear. Grab a cup of coffee and grab a seat anywhere in the sanctuary. We will not single you out or have you publicly say anything. We also do NOT expect guests to contribute anything financially. 
  • A fun, safe Environment - We love our children at Sulphur Church. Kids (PreK-5th) will stay with parents for the first part of service then be dismissed to SPARK TIME. A nursery is located down the West Hallway for your little ones. All volunteers are background checked and have a love for Kids. 
  • Practical Teaching- We connect the Word of God to everyday life and teach it via Preaching, Worship and Prayer. Don't be surprised if you see some people raise their hands as a sign of praise, and don't feel like you need to either. Our services allow for freedom of worship. 

When and Where

Our Sunday Morning Worship service is at 8:30am and 11:00am. Both times are identical services. Both Nursery (birth-2yo) and SPARK Time (3yo-5th grade) are offered during both service times.

Our Sunday school classes is offered Sunday mornings at 9:45am. Classes are available for people of all ages. Nursery is provided during Sunday school. 

Traction Middle School meets on Sunday Nights at 6p in the Ministry Center. Traction High School meets on Wednesday Nights at 6:30p in the Ministry Center.