Our Vision

Passionately in love with Jesus Christ, inspired to serve our neighbor.

Know / Grow / Show / Share

KnowKnowing Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life is the most important thing to know.  Our worship service is geared in order for people to know God.  Our worship mixes the various worship styles and the preaching is based upon God’s Holy and timeless Word.   By committing yourself to our weekly worship gatherings you will know God, either by being introduced to Jesus for the first time, or by gaining a deeper understanding of the amazing work of God.

GrowThe more you know about God the more you grow.  Our weekly Sunday School hour ensures that you continue to grow in your faith.  By committing yourself to our weekly Sunday School hour you will feel more equipped to grow in your faith.  We also feel like personal Bible reading will help you to grow in your faith.  Each year a reading plan is provided that will guide you strategically through the Word of God

ShowGod has equipped each of His followers to join Him in ministry.  Everyone who has surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ should consider themselves to ministers of His amazing grace.  Our ministry branches are designed to help people get plugged into to service and show their unique giftedness by bringing glory to Jesus.  By committing yourself to join a ministry branch you will be able to show the difference that Jesus has made in your life.  It is also important to show the difference that Jesus has made in all aspects of your life.  Each week during the sermon there is a “Step of Faith” that will give you practical suggestions in practicing your faith walk

Share If Jesus is the Lord of your life you need to share with people how that occurred.  Your personal testimony is a powerful tool to share with others the extent of Jesus’ love.  Christians should be equipped and challenged to share their faith in Jesus by sharing their personal testimony.   By learning and committing yourself to sharing your testimony of how Jesus saved your life you can be an instrument used by God to help the lost come to know Jesus as Lord.